The two tests

Much of ‘religion’ is aimed at appeasing god, on the assumption that Yah is– as vain as a fallen human would be in his position and thus needs to have his ego stroked and appeased, much as mankind does.

This is blatantly not true, but religion does relieve us of the burden of seeking a personal relationship with an ‘unknowable’ deity.

But Yah is not unknowable, He is just unfallen and therefore alien, in a different realm, and unknowable to the worlds of our fallen natures; the scriptures tell us a huge amount about Yah, but first we have to read them and comprehend – for ourselves.

If we let other people give us their spin on the scriptures then we play the game of religion; we pay our money and gamble on our salvation by placing it in the hands of another.

This is why we are implored to ‘test everything’ such that we take responsibility for every aspect of our own salvation.

We all start the ‘race’, but not many of us will finish it, for there are many deceptions along the way, but the true Way is never in doubt as long as we, personally, are looking for it and don’t abrogate our seeking to others.

I advise you to listen, or read, and then test, there are two tests, the scripture test and the ‘ME’ test.

The scripture have been translated and obfuscated, but the meanings are still there if one is prepared to search for them, the Hebrew clarifies the Greek, and occasionally, the Greek clarifies the Hebrew.

As an example, take the beginning of John’s gospel, “In the beginning was the word  (logos).   Assuming it is a translation from Hebrew (a version does exist), then it is important to understand what John understands by ‘word’.   In the Hebrew it is ‘debar’ which is a group word for all Yah’s directives, in essence, what we call Torah (the Mosaic Torah not the rabbinical torah).

So we can re-read John as “in the beginning was Torah”

And further down “and Torah was made flesh and dwelt amongst us”

So Yahushua embodies the very commandments of Yah!, Have you been told something else, something that says that as long as you believe in Jebus, you can ignore the commandments of Yah?

If this is what you believe, then go ahead, eat some more of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and bad.   Yah’s Good is not man’s good.    If you listen uncritically to those others, then you too are snake bait.

The ME test is more difficult, for to start to apply the ME test we, ourselves have to move away from scriptures ‘set in stone tablets’ and into scriptues written upon our hearts.   To do the ME test we have to KNOW that the unfallen ME is made in the image of Yah and thinks like Yah and is at one with His Creation.

I have to learn to trust the discernment of the unfallen ME!   but to trust that discernment takes a commitment to be Creation compliant, to know the shape of Yah’s Creation and relate to the personal synergy of it.

In the end, Iwill be judged by Yah, not by a consensus of my fellow (fallen?) men.







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