What does it mean?

What does it mean to be part of Yah’s Creation

Not only ‘part of’ but the ‘best part’ of it.

I was not born into Yah’s Creation, I was born into Adam’s world, a world where I was taught that God can be ignored because mankind has moved on; we now have electricity…..

So I live my life thinking that God is irrelevant, that He hides away in Churches and shules serviced by priests and rabbis with little relevance to anything substantial.

Slowly the realization dawns that this world is not an accident and that it is highly ordered in such a way that mankind had little to do with it.; there is something else, something bigger, that in the beginning, something created.

Those who do not want the Creator to be Yah, tell us it was an alien with superior intelligence (a ‘god’) who has now left the building.

I was around 11 years old when I realized that the bible contained the answers, if I could just fit them together in the confusing and complicated emotional currents of Adam’s puny knowledge.

To understand that there is a Creation, and that I can make myself a part of it by understanding that Adam set himself up in competition with Yah.

We all have the right to choose, Yah’s Way, the Way of Creation, knowing good from evil Yah’s Way, or Adam’s way, the way of the world, where we each use our own opinion of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ to meander through existence on the physical planet.

We can attach ourselves to Yah and do things His way, or we can attach ourselves to the religions of men and do it their way (still Adam’s world).

Only by personally seeking out Yah’s Way can we enter into His Creation, and it is not easy because Adam’s world is very sticky and deceitful.  It will claw at us to try and keep us in its clutches.

I was lucky, the culture I inherited from my parents was bible based, even if obscured by men’s interpretations.   Understanding that “Yah is not a man” requires that we walk away from religion(s) and seek His truths for ourselves regardless of what men say.

Did Jebus die on the cross for my sins so that I can disobey Yah’s commandments (sin) and not be punished for it?

Which Rabbi will be representing me when I am before Yah having to explain why I added to, or took away from, His scriptures, in order to virtue signal to those in my community and follow the traditions of men?

Can I say that I too was deceived by the serpent?   Well yes, but first I have to understand that I have actually been deceived by the serpent, Adam did not, he blamed everybody else.   I can believe that I will not be called to account for my beliefs and actions, I can delude myself, it is my right of free will as created by Yah, but salvation, spiritual life after physical death requres that I be Creation compliant, there are no square pegs in the afterlife.

To live Yah’s way, in synergy with Creation, requires that we exercise both knowledge and faith, Yah will provide the knowledge if we humble ourselves and seek His face, but we must provide the faith needed to turn from our twisted worldly ways.

There are benefits to living in synergy with His Creation, after all it is what He created us for.   Quite honestly, Adam’s way sucks, it is the way of stupidity and ignorance, the way of death.


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