The Battle of life and death

There is Yah’s WAY and there is man’s way.   We are born and nurtured into doing things man’s way, the way of Adam – the way of “she did it, the woman that You gave me”

Then there is also Yah’s WAY the way of the woman “I, [forgetting Your Torah] allowed myself to be deceived by the serpent, [ i.e. I got it wrong, not You].

The sex of the two is not particularly relevant, but we see the recently acquired godship of Adam dominating his attitude to his Creator, as far as he is concerned, he knows best, he has rejected the WAY of Creation and turned to his own way.   The woman, on the other hand sees the reality of what has happened, confesses and is submitted to Yah’s judgement, since her ‘sin’ is forgivable under Torah so she remains acceptable to Creation.

The first is the way of man, the arrogance of assuming equality with the Creator.   The second is the WAY of Yah, living with the acceptance of, and submission to, the WAY that the Creator created.

The way of Adam is the way of man created religion, where man must listen to ‘wise and holy’ Adam clones.   The woman’s way is a way of attaching herself to the Creation, of being Creation compliant and through that compliance, communicating directly with Yah, albeit suffering the consequences of her action; eating the forbiden fruit created a war in her members from which there is a way of salvation.

So how do I move from Adam’s way to the woman’s way?

First you have to start to seek the truth, this is a highly personal decision to take, because it is going to take you out of the broad highway of acceptability and onto a steep and rocky pathway with what appears to be no support and no backup.

One must first accept that in the beginning Yah Created, rejecting the here and now that man has created with all its political and mystical religions, traditions and institutions.

SEEK, and you will FIND, but I can guarantee that what you find will be unique to you, we can all experience Yah, but each pathway to Yah will be uniquely personal.

We can start with genesis to understand that we have to separate ourselves from our puny knowledge and its associated puny godship, of which we are so proud, but which to Yah is nothing but dirty, befouled rags and tatters.

Why is our knowledge so tainted?   Because it emanated from our self-godship and Yah despises everything in the world that is outside of His Creation.    So within me, personally are the products of His Creation, which Yah loves, and also the products of Adams rejection of Yah’s Creation (amongst which is death itself) which Yah hates.

Although the woman too, ate of the forbidden fruit, it only affected her physical body, it did not change her potential for a spiritual relationship with Yah, thus she becomes the lifegiver (Chavah, Eve loses the intended meaning ).   But Adam submitted totally to the alternative knowledge and was overcome spiritually as well as physically.

As Paul would say, the law of sin and death won a total victory in Adam’s case, for there was no battle with the Law of the Spirit of Life, as happened in the woman, as a consequence, only the woman could give life.

Most people, including religious people are totally given over to the influence of their own ability to judge between good and bad; this is the way of Adam.

My godship, the godship which consists of following my own knowledge of good and evil, excludes me from Yah’s Creation, that is, unless I am redeemed from it in some way.   This is why I need salvation.





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