Because the elders of the children of Israel rejected a direct relationship with Yah at Horeb, Yah had to institute Tabernacle/Temple worship to sustain them in a way they found acceptable, latterly however, they came to worship the Temple, not its Creator.

In my life, I also reject Yah’s ways, the one-to-ones that Yah puts before me, and so he has to build temples in my life; temples which are distractions to me because like Peter I am of little faith.

I have fear (lack of faith) over Yah’s provision for me, so Yah provides a job by way of a temple in my life, a distraction that enables me to still function, but for me to earn a living.

Peter walked on the water, then was distracted and started to sink, but Yahushua held out a hand and restored Peter to the boat.

When I come up to a problem, I have a choice; say I need to cross a stretch of water, I can do it Yah’s way by walking on the water, or I can force Yah to build a bridge for me.

In the case of Horeb, it was a Tabernacle/temple.

In my case it was a job in high-tech 2 miles from my home.

Walking on water (Yah’s way) takes a lot of faith, faith that I just do not have, so Yah has to build an edifice which enables me to survive when I to yell “save me”.   But consequently, as I walk around I have to drag all these edifaces around each one like a ball and chain attached to my spiritual life as a servant of the Almighty.

We are approaching the moed of Kipporim, this is the day set aside for me to identify and contemplate my temples, my manacles, my ball and chains; those things which Yah had to build in order to stop me drowning, but which hobble my relationship with Him and His Creation.   Once I understand these instruments that cripple me, it is easier to cast them off and do things Yah’s way.   I really need learn to walk with Yah on the troubled waters and not take the bridge which is man’s way.

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