The Dwelling Place

So Yah invented the ‘temple’ and all its accoutrements because the Elders of the Children of Israel rejected a personal relationship with Yah.   They wanted an intercessor instead (Moses), so Yah provided it (him), and also provided the structures (the Temple/Tabernacle) necessary to support it; along with the full rituals and regalia of priesthood.

But Yahusha came along and destroyed this substitute temple (and its associated rituals) in 3 days and 3 nights (it took a bit longer for the physical destruction).   The way back to a direct relationship with Yah was once more opened we could become a spiritual temple.

There is a very important lesson here, that of when we insist on our way, not Yah’s way, He may move to accommodate us, to build us a tabernacle in the wilderness to satisfy our desires, but at the expense of our true freedom.

The difference here is that of a Torah set in stone, and a Torah written upon our hearts.   One is rigid, the other is flexible, the former way, means we do not have to take responsibility we just do what is carved in the stone we are enslaved to the religion.

To have Torah written upon our hearts is to live a life in a way where “Yah and I are one”, a true father/son relationship.

We see the same when the people clamored for a King,   Samuel warned them of the consequences, but they still insisted and a King they got in the form of Saul.   But Saul led them away from Yah, just as the Jews ended up worshipping the Temple itself; totally misunderstanding the reason for the Temple, and thus ensuring the Temple’s eventual destruction.

It is very easy for all of us to worship the creation not the Creator, just as it is very easy to accept second best because we lack the faith to seek Yah’s Truths for ourselves.

To seek Yah’s Truth we must actually listen to Yah, we must relate to Yah Himself, not to Rabbi this or Pastor that.   We will then find a different message, a personal message which, once absorbed, will jump out of the scriptures at every juncture.

When, a few decades ago, I realized that my ‘knowledge’ of good and bad was not the same as Yah’s Knowledge of GOOD and BAD, things changed dramatically in my life.   Suddenly I understood what seeking FIRST His Kingdom and His Righteousness actually meant; and it was a long, long way from how theological tradition explained it.

Man is never, ever going to build Yah’s kingdom for Him, Yah’s Kingdom already exists, it is the place, any place,  where His Will is done, and if I discard my knowledge of good and bad, and seek for myself Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Bad, then I stand a very good chance of my heart, my soul and my body becoming the dwelling place of Yah too.   This is the undoing of the fall.



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