The Steady State

There are three states of man before Yah: The Adamic state which knowingly rejects Yah, the Chava state which is in a state of being deceived, and the Edenic state where one is part of Creation and is in synergy with it.

Adam, having voluntarily eaten of the forbidden fruit, proceeds to accuse Yah and the woman as being responsible for his state.   He is in denial before Yah and has deluded himself into thinking that he no longer needs Yah.

The Woman, Chava, understands and confesses to having been deceived, but remains damaged by the encounter.

In being cast out of Eden they are in a land where they have to build from scratch, and it is a land that they build in the image of Adam, not of Yah,   It has elements of Yah’s Creation in it, but they lack the ‘TOV’ (good) element of Creation and Eden, reflecting Adam’s now mixed tov and ra (good and bad)

Yah described His Creation as TOV (GOOD) and with unfallen Adam present it was TOV MEHOD (perfect).

Outside of Eden fallen Adam builds his world according to his tov and ra rather than Yah’s TOV and RA, and it is Adam’s tov and ra that I am born into.

Now I have choices, I can remain dominated by the tov and ra of the fallen Adam, or I might move to the Chava position of acknowledging that I have been deceived, but I am still ruled over by the tov and ra of Adam – I still live in, and are part of Adam’s world.

Yah does not normally interfere in Adams world, if men want to exterminate each other, then that is their decision and their responsibility.   All mankind will eventually be judged by their actions before Yah, against the gold standard of (Abrahamic) Torah.

But Chava can move on, she/he can voluntarily leave the Adamic pigsty and start to seek the truth, follow the way and seek the light.   In doing this she will be met from afar by the servants of Yah, who will further instruct and guide.   In becoming Creation compliant, one once more has the privilage of ‘seeing’ Yah, the loss of which was the first symptom of the fall (they only heard Him, and ‘hid’ [not seeing] from Him)

Now, I am afraid to say, most believers, Jews or Christians remain in the pigsty because, although they know that they have been deceived by the serpent, they do not want to take responsibility for their own relationship with Yah, they want to remain in the comfort of the pigsty in a state of submission to Adam (the rabbi, the pastor. Someone, anyone who will take responsibility off of their shoulders).

We have to make our own salvation!

However once out of the pigsty we can move towards Yah’s house, we can be changed into His likeness.    The Adam in us is dealt with by the Victory of Yahushua over the serpent in 3 days and 3 nights negating the sin and death of the Adamic legacy and letting the spirit of life –  Chava, come forth, but we, and only we, can make the decision to leave the Adamic pigsty behind.   We, and only we ourselves, can take responsibility for ourselves; be humble and listen and learn from the servants sent to guide us.   Only we, as individuals, can let ourselves be changed to His likeness, so that we arrive at His gates ready to be raised to sonship.

Am I ready to be once more part of Yah’s Creation?   Have I rejected Adam’s law of sin and death, have I accepted Chava’s lifegiving understanding, have I left the pigsty, or do I cling to my religion and tradition, do I look to a rabbi instead of to myself, before Yah.

When I come before Yah, it will just be me, my advocate if I have one, and Yah.   My rabbi will be having his own trial, as will my pastor.

If I have already made my peace with Yah, if I have allowed Yahushua to deal with my sin and death, if I have followed my spirit of life along the way to truth and light, then I am already Creation compliant and I have nothing to fear, I have run the race and I have reached the goal.




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