The Prime Directive

Despite what Captain Kirk might say, Yah’s prime directive is to “go forth and multiply” and this is a real target of Satan, who, in essence, wants us all to die.

In heaven’s hierarchy, mankind (those who keep Yah’s Torah) rank above the angels, and are thus hated by the fallen angels, and Satan in particular uses his ‘subtlety’ with good effect.    Jews are his prime target because they still keep a (damaged) form of Torah (especially the seventh day),   Christians who keep the ‘sun’ day, and the pagan festivals of easter (Ishtar) and christmas (saturnalia) are not such a threat.

But satan has to keep his agreement with Yah, a sort of angelic torah, or face the direct wrath of Yah; he has to work his evil indirectly, causing men to slaughter men, and to make them sexually deviant such that they no longer “go forth and multiply”.

Thus the Toraic death penalties for adultery, fornication and homosexuality.   These three threats to the prime directive carry a disproportionate punishment.   But we have to understand something here, one voluntarily chooses to keep Torah, and in keeping Torah, becoming part of a community of Yah, living in synergy with His Creation.

If I were to choose homosexuality, then I am denying the prime directive, and can no longer be part of that community, just the same as the adulterer or the fornicator.    If discovered, I will be thrown out or killed, my choice (but I suspect that mercy applies here, and that there is room in the community for a promise to stop breaking the Torah and keeping control of one’s sexual urges).

Fornication and adultery are treated under Torah with the same seriousness as homosexuality, they are, all three attacks on the prime directive, and they are, all three,  likely to break up the family group of mother, father and progeny,  often leaving those progeny in a parlous state.   This is not part of Yah’s Creation plan.

To Yah. The act hus coof copulation is also the instrument of marriage, the pledge of commitment to the prime directive.    Same sex copulation therefore has no place within Yah’s creation, but neither has ‘recreational’ sex and its toll of discarded babies.

Satan is subtle, he wispers in our ears that it is OK to enjoy illicit sex and to murder the resulting baby, thus condemning the parents; the father for not supporting his offspring, and the mother for murder.   But they can confess – “I was deceived by the serpent”,

Yah designed us to live in family groups in order to nurture the offspring of those groups, when we fail in this task, ten our society falls apart

























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