I am the WAY (Torah), the TRUTH (Creation) and the LIFE (Chavah/Eve) nobody comes to the Father except through me.    Yahushua puts it very distinctly!

Taking these Items backwards, we can build a picture, a big picture which is different to that which is normally preached; a picture which starts with death.

Adam brought death into the world, he did so by a combination of being disobedient and by throwing his ‘godship’ in Yah’s face, breaking the first commandment thus denying Torah and being thrown out of Eden.   Chavah (life-giver) did not throw her godship in Yah’s face, she confessed to having been deceived by the serpent.   She was not therefore thrown out of Eden, but her desire was for her husband and she accompanied him our into the debris.

I am part Adam (death) and part Chavah (Life), these entities are at war within me, the Adam in me cannot re-enter Eden, but the Chavah part can.   So what happens?   Who can save me from this dreadful dilemma?

Yah’s Creation is truth, but it is hidden from us because we are born into Adam’s world, and grow up in it, we cannot ‘see’ Yah’s world (Creation) until we are “pure in heart”.   That is when we cease to dispute ‘blame’ (she did it the woman which You gave me) with Yah and to confess that we too have been deceived by the serpent.   We can then start to perceive Yah’s Kingdom and start to become a citizen of it.    But it is not a worldly kingdom and Adam cannot enter into it, so how do I get rid of Adam (Death) and adhere to (Chavah) life?

Torah, in Hebrew, is a signpost, it shows us the way to Yah’s Kingdom, it is also the name of the first five books of the bible, and herein lies a problem, the Mosaic Torah contained in those first five books is not the same as the Torah followed by Abraham.   Abraham’s Torah was based on his faith, trust and reliance in Yah’s Creation and Way.   The Mosaic Torah was written for a people of little faith, a people who rejected Yah’s direct invitation at Horeb, and for whom symbolism and ritual were required in an effort to keep them in abeyance until the time that the Torah could be made flesh and dwell amongst us, the Mosaic Torah kept faith in suspended animation, as Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham.       The Mosaic Torah was correct for the temple/tabernacle period, whilst the people awaited the solution to the dilemma of Adam and Chavah.    So Torah arrived, and in 3 days and 3 nights he resolved the problem by offering himself as a substitute for the Adam in us.

The role of the temple was destroyed, the flame passed from the temple to those gathered in the temple portico, the day of Pentecost/Shauvot had arrived.

Mosaic Torah passed back to the Abrahamic Torah, the Torah of personal responsibility and faith.   I can choose for myself, Adam or Chavah, and If I choose Chavah then, Yahushua masks Adam and death, so there is therefore now no condemnation. But if you Love Him, then you keep His commandments, not those of yourself and other men.


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