Adam’s World

We are born into, and live in a world of Adam’s making, a fallen world, a world dominated by man’s knowledge of good and evil.   This is the prodigal’s pigsty, and the faecies is everywhere.

There is not one area of the world that is not tainted by the serpent, when the serpent contrived the fall, he was aware of his part in it, and ever since, he has insinuated himself into every aspect of it.   Satan is the fecal matter that enslimes everything that is manmade, and that of course includes me.

Adam is a part of me, a part of me that is unacceptable to Yah, a tainted part of me which is besmirched in the foul smelling mire of the pigs.

But I did not choose to be born into the pigsty, and I have the choice to leave it and take the road back to my fathers house.    At first I am still covered by the dirt and slime,  but bye and bye, as I am met from afar I learn how to cleanse myself, I learn of what happened in the 3 days and 3 nights.

But that is not easy because I was born into the slime and as I grow up, it becomes part of my very nature, I cannot see the mud on my cheeks even if I can feel the grime between my toes.   The dirt behind my ears goes unwashed until I am taught how to wash myself properly.

Most of all my mind needs to be cleansed too.

The serpent is subtle, and in Hebrew, the words for subtle and naked are linked.    So when Adam was naked and knew it not, we may not just be talking in terms of nudity, we may also have been talking about his consciousness.   It is this ‘nakedness’ that tells Yah that something has changed, “Who told you that you were naked”, fig leaves can cover genitals, but they can also be used as a metaphor for hiding ‘secrets’.

Adam and the woman want to hide their newfound godship from Yah, before the change, their consciousness was no different from Yah’s, but after eating the poisonous fruit of the tree of knowledge, the consciousness is no longer Creation compliant, it is independent, they have each become as gods knowing good from evil on their own count.   The woman confesses and is forgiven, but Adam carrys his independence into the new world, and uses it to build his pigsty, the pigsty into which we are born, but, from which, we can choose to leave.

As we walk towards Yah’s house, our soiled mind can be scrubbed clean, but only if we are humble enough to walk the path as a servant.    It is very easy to be an Adam even whilst walking the path of Torah.   We all to often throw our godship in Yah’s face, refusing to listen to the babes, sucklings and servants that Yah sends to meet us from afar and guide us home

We may rush back to the pigsty, thinking that we have a message for the inmates, surely this is the work of God we tell ourselves, but which god?

Myself as god or Yah?

Servants of Yah are a part of His Creation by choice; they have walked the path, they have reached the goal, they have been transformed by Himself, and carry His Creation with them wherever they go, there is no longer any room for Adam’s religions, those religions of the pigsty, the religions, products of man’s knowledge of good and evil, products of man’s ignorance; “My people are destroyed through lack of Knowledge”.

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