Being the Rookie

As believers and seekers after Yah’s truths; followers of the way as Shaoul (Paul) would say, there are basic things we must understand about Yah, the first of which is that he is not a man, and he does not lie.
In all aspects of His Creation, He is the expert and I am the rookie, I need to listen and learn, and not dictate to Him how He should behave.
Mosaic Torah is voluntary, it gives us a basic set of rules for living in a community that is devoid of a personal relationship with Yah, a personal relationship that needs to be written upon our hearts, and not set in stone.
It is very fundamental to understand that when the Elders of the Children of Israel rejected the personal relationship offered to them at Mount Horeb, they chose badly, and were thus encumbered with this Torah set in stone, because they could not discern the better Way. Ironically, a Torah for the hardened of heart – one might call is a Pharaoh-centric Torah.
We, as humans, almost always get the priorities wrong, comfortable and secure in our muddy environment we sing hymns together when we should be seeking truths as individuals, we are happy to the Moseses talk to Yah instead of listening and learning for ourselves.
For example, Yah is not so obsessed with sex as man is, we, as manlind, have layered up a simple act of procreation with layers and layers of taboo and boogie-woogie ask yourself the following questions:-
Where is ‘marriage’ in the Torah?
Where is Monogamy in the Torah?
Where is ‘age of consent’ in the Torah.
Torah protects the family, and Toraic ‘divorce’, Toraic ‘adultery’ and Toraic ‘fornication’ need to be looked at in the Toraic context of protecting the family and not in the supercharged emotionalism of modernity.   Sex is not ‘recreational’ it is a basic tool in carrying out a commandments of Yah.
The Torah based society is voluntary and based on free will, and the idea of ‘death’ is not of Yah and implies a separation from Yah, if I refuse to keep Torah then I am cast out of Toraic society – I am separated from Yah. If I go around having casual sexual relationships then I have made my choice, I have rejected Yah’s way and have chosen Adam and the world.
The object of ‘sex’ is to go forth and multiply, and any man can have a child with any woman. What is important here is the child; children have to be nurtured and taught the ways of Yah, so it is incumbent on the parents to provide all that the child needs. You will note the total absence of emotion in this.
Divorce is all about ensuring continuing provision for the mother and child(ren), it is the man’s duty before Yah to provide for his offspring and their mother, divorce only happens when the woman (and children) are supported by another man at the choice of the mother.

Adultery, on the other hand, happens when the wife has a sexual relationship with another man, but deceives the father of her children into supporting her. Adultery is also when a man avoids his responsibilities to support his wife(s)* and her offspring.
It is actually all very simple – but only if you understand Yah’s Way.

*all the women with whom he has had a sexual relationship

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