In Genesis chapter 3 we see Adam becoming as a god, knowing good from bad, and here we have the idea of a god as an arbiter of societies’ mores.   Further down the chapter we find Yah, the Creator, saying about Adam, “now he is one of us knowing good from evil” and Adam is ejected from the Garden of Eden and must build his own creation based upon his own knowledge and opinion of good and evil.

It is into this world of Adam’s that we a born, a world of man’s opinions and flexible definitions of good and bad.   But for most of us, might is right, and the strongest and the most ruthless rule.

So, as children, our minds are formed within the culture of our parents, and then at a tender age, most of us have to conform to the culture of a ‘school’ as well.

Education can be of great benefit to us if we are inculcated with the ability to discern: good from bad, truth from lies, workable from unworkable, fantasy from reality.

However if we are taught fantasy as truth, we are considered to be brainwashed, but who decides what is fantasy?  Darwin or Yahweh, Mohammed or Jesus, Hitler or Marx, Mao or Chiang?

The truth always has a ring to it, but if we are tone deaf, or there is too much other noise, we cannot hear that nuance and we fall back on self-interest.

Allah is presented as a god, the equivalent of Yahovah, but he is a god who hides behind a curtain, a curtain guarded and fronted by a bouncer who controls all access.   The bouncer is long dead, but access is still denied.   The legacy must be maintained by any means and at all costs.

Marx however was a man, a dead man, but a man who left a godlike legacy, a manifesto set in stone.   It described a utopia which has proved elusive to those for whom Marx aspires to godship.   We see cycle after cycle of Marx with small variations, in desperate attempts to make it work, it never does and people die quickly.

One society made things work reasonably well, those who came out from under the heel of Rome and went back to the whole bible.   They prospered, and wealth trickled down and created communities of relatively healthy well meaning people in Europe and its far flung offshoots.

Then the enemy moved again and undermined the idea of a Creator and many were fooled into abandoning the bible; the Warlords started to gain in power once more.

We are born into Adam’s world, but we can choose to leave it, we can, all of us, leave the pigsty and follow the Way which leads back to the Father’s house, we can do it privately, we don’t need to change religions or convert to anything, we just need to keep His Commandments,   we start walking the Way, and we are met from afar to be guided home.

It is a very personal path, we don’t need to advertise, we just need to build a relationship with Yah and His Way.


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