The idea behind ‘free will’ is that we as individuals, make the choices in life, and that therefore we, and only we, are individually responsible for those choices that we make.

As a child, my parents and others made those choices for me, but I grew up, and found that I could make my own choices.

We can choose to believe in evolution, but this theory only covers a specific spectrum of existence and outside of those limits it relies upon ‘religious’ beliefs such as ‘the big bang’.

We can observe micro-evolution at work, it is there, it is a fact, are we justified in assuming that because evolution works within species, that it also works across species?   This is where it evolution too, gets ‘religious’.

The nice thing about believing that we are just ‘animals’ is that then we no longer have to take any responsibility for our actions, so we can do what we want, when we want, and as long as we are discrete about it, then ‘society’ will tolerate it.

But if you really believe that ‘free will’ comes without a pricetag then you really are in cloud cuckoo, you are still a child, you have never grown up.

The Creation that we see around us is highly organized, and we can choose to work with it, or work against it.   This is a difficult choice because Adam was thrown out of Yah’s Creation and had to create a world out of the physical rubble but without the spiritual cement to hold it all together.

Within Yah’s Creation, the spiritual and the physical interact together, and it is this bond, this interaction that we call ‘life’.   Adam, in eating of the forbidden fruit, and not repenting (as the woman did) was excluded from the spiritual and was left with just the physical; the rubble, but no glue.

We are born into Adam’s world of the derelict site.   We grow up in it, and eventually we must make a choice, to either stay in Adam’s world of the higgldy-piggldy or look for something better.

That something better is the spiritual part of Yah’s Creation, but we cannot ‘see’ it through Adam’s knowledge of good and bad as that is focused purely on the physical.

First we have to realize that Yah even exists.   The whole of the Creation around us points to the Way of Yah, but we are blinded.   The Adam in us wants to do it “my way” but the Chavah (Eve) in us points us towards Yah.   So who can save us from this dilemma?

Paul called himself a follower of the Way.   The path to Yah is a lifelong journey, and every step of the way requires that we make a choice, we must put a foot forward and take a step, we can make the physical Adamic choice each time, and participate only in the religions of men, or we can do as the woman did, confess, repent and try again, accepting responsibility for our mistakes and moving onwards towards the Father’s house, seeking His TRUTH.

As we get nearer to those gates, still guarded by those Cherubim, we will learn the lessons, we will be filled with more and more of Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Bad, we will indeed become more like Him, just as we were meant to be.   In the Beginning!


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