Yah knows outcomes, which is why He alone is judge and jury in the race of life; He alone defines the goal, and He alone knowes the outcomes

If somebody tricks me out of a hundred dollars, what do I do?

Yah tells us that vengeance belongs to Him, and Yahushua tells us to turn the other cheek.

But man tells us to take our revenge, to go to the police, to steal two hundred dollars back from the culprit or whatever.

To remain righteous, we must be very careful that we do not break Yah’s laws of conduct.   Maybe we cannot see  all that has really happened, only Yah can see all the outcomes.

If we can learn to look to Yah for these sorts of problems then we, ourselves, do not fall into unrighteousness; for our emotions are very powerful and the desire for personal revenge can be almost overwhelming.

But this is the time that we must stop and have faith that Yah can deal with the problem in ways that we cannot.   The vengeance of Yah is awful, but we can get in the way.   If we do not leave the vengeance to Him then we are throwing our godship in His face, we are then worse than the thief who knows no better.

We must understand that we can have a two way relationship with Yah, but on the condition that we curb our own ‘godship’ that we inherited from Adam, and humble ourselves to His Creation and His Godship.  Then will He hear from heaven and act.

At Mount Horeb, the leaders of the people refused a personal relationship with Yah, and chose a ‘religious’ inddirect relationship instead.    Yah gave it to them in the form of the Mosaic Torah and Tabernacle/Temple worship.

Yahushua revoked that ‘religious’ relationship, and dealt with the Adamic curse once and for all, and at Shauvot/Pentecost the ‘flame’ left the ‘religious’ temple and descended on each of the believers.   The tent/temple building was ended.   We, each of us, must now move away from group religion and into a unique personal relationship with Yah.

Yah is not a Jew or a Baptist or an Episcopalian, He is the Creator of everything that we see around us, but He is also the God who brings us out of slavery, but only if we, personally, are prepared to leave the stinky comfort of the pigsty and start the journey to the Father’s House.   The journey where we seek FIRST His Righteousness (Knowledge of Good and Bad) and not our own.  When we take vengeance into our own hands, we are doing things Adam’s way, the pigsty way, not Yah’s way.



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