Whose Yoke?

“For My yolk is easy and My burden is light”

Abraham did not find his personal relationship with Yha burdensome, and was only too delighted to have Yah to dinner and serve him meat and milk together.

Is your religious burden light or heavy?   After the rejection of Yah’s Way at Mt. Horeb the burden of Mosaic Law became very heavy, and was made even  heavier by religious laws and observances made up by men; Pharissees, Popes, Rabbis and Bishops.

This is therefore a litmus test; is my religion burdensome?

A farmer yokes his oxen in order to steer them to plough a straight furrow.   If I take on Yah’s Yoke will He cause me to walk a straight path, the path of righteousness?

Yah’s yolk is not difficult, it is a matter of casting off Adam’s independent godship (the ability to judge between his own opinion of what is good and what is bad) which we too have inherited, and humbling ourselves to accept the yoke of the Creator and His definitions of what is truly good and truly bad.

Yah hates it when we throw our own opinion of good and bad in his face.    Here in Israel just about everything is ‘Kosher’ this means that there is a religious tax on just about everything we buy.

By what authority does Yah authorise this tax?   Where is this tax laid down in His scripture?  Where is the Jewish ritual slaughter in scripture? – it is missing, did Hashem (the name) forget to to put it in, or have we ‘lost’ a chapter of Leviticus?

Or did men see a good way of making religion pay the bills?   Is your religion burdensome because you have to pay ‘Moses’ to take responsibility for your relationship with Yah?

Are you under a religious yoke or under Yah’s yoke?   Ask yourself – honestly

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