Passing over or passing through

Next week is Passover, but for many it is pass through because they keep Ishtar not Pesach.

Chocolate eggs and Ishtar bunnies are pagan fertility symbols not cute traditions, eat them at your peril.

Easter is not Passover, and for those who did not keep Passover, the angel of death passed through and people died.

The modern Easter is about the human sacrifice of Jesus, who supposedly died for our sins on a cross, a Roman and pre-Roman torture device.   But human sacrifice is forbidden!

The Passover Lamb was not sacrificed, it was slaughtered just as Yehoshua was murdered, and it is what happened next that really mattered!

The Hebrews left Egypt and started on the way to their promised land.   They left the slavery of Pharaoh and started along the way, this is a picture of us leaving the pig sty and following the Way back to the Father’s house and escaping the death and slavery of Adam’s world.

If you adhere to tradition, you must ensure that those traditions are harmless, and Easter is certainly not harmless, keeping Easter will compromise your spiritual health.

If we leave the pigsty and try to take Adam with us, it does not work, with the help of Yah’s servants we must be cleansed from Adam’s fecal matter or we cannot progress.


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