Investing in Creation

Yah’s act of Creation was the single most important event in history, yet we do not consider it as anything significant.

Adam got himself thrown out of this Creation and had to create his own world in the builder’s rubble of Yah’s Creation, probably supported by his wife who had been wiser and still had access.

Is there a way back for Adam?, no!, Adam is sentenced to death, a death where he sweats and labours to survive.

But what about Chava (Eve), she has not been cast out of Creation, but chooses to follow her husband into the chaos and to help him build his world.

I was born into the world of Adam’s creation, and inside me there lurks an Adam in the form of a spirit of sin and death, and a Chava in the form of a spirit of life (Heb: Chava = Lifegiver).    Adam is the Hebrew name for the earth beneath our feet.

Yah does not interfere with Adam, for Adam has freewill and chooses his own creation, and likewise the Adamic spirit in me will always choose the world (the Egypt of the Passover story).   The spirit of life within me will choose to leave Egypt (the pigsty of the prodigal) and follow the Way and seek the Truth.   But the Adam in me is a ball and chain dragging at my ankle slowing me down and exhausting me.

Who will free me from this terrible impasse?

The anointed one? Yes, but having been freed from the Adamic ball and chain, I still live, I still need to follow the Way and seek the Truth, there is no stopping to rest on my laurels.     I still need to seek my way back to Yah’s Creation, to enter once more into His gates, transformed to be a Chavah rather than an Adam.

Instead of investing my all in Adam’s world, I must move into Creation, but if I am not Creation compliant, then I cannot enter back into Creation; it will reject me once more.

In Adam’s world, I buy stock in Dox and reap the benefits (or not), in Yah’s world I must buy into His Creation.   I must look at how Creation performs, and conform to that profile, I must become Creation compatible.   The Chava inside me knows how to do this and I must listen to her; for I too have been deceived by the serpent, and it was my fault and nobody elses.   Instead of believing the Torah written upon my heart, I did what the serpent suggested because it was more rational to my mind.

But when challenged by Yah, I realized my error and confessed, I had got it wrong, and as a result of that confession, I remained Creation compliant with right of re-entry into Creation.

But the Adam in me wants to change the rules, to justify himself, to blame everybody else, to build an alternative creation; and Yah grants Adam’s wish every time!



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