Being Humble

To be humble, we must accept the superiority of the ‘master’, and in my case that is Yah.   I start by seeking to understand His writings; the Tanack (Old Testament) and any associated writings that bear His mark.

Yah’s writings convey a mind picture, if we read and seek their Truth, then untruths become rapidly apparent, they do not fit the picture.

The Rabbis say that we must not mix meat and milk, yet Tanach tells me that when Yah visited Abraham, he, Abraham served up veal and cream.

The Rabbis say that we must not mix meat and milk because the instruction not to seeth a kid in its mothers milk occurs 3 times in the books of Law and is therefore of a ‘magic’ significance (that only they can interpret).

So who do we believe, Moses or an unknown Rabbi writing a few hundred years ago?

One is Truth, the other is accepted religious bondage, such that if one fails to respect it one can be ostracised.

Apparently, seething a kid in its mother’s milk was a common pagan ritual; the sheep was a holy animal to the Egyptians at the time of the Exodus when the books of Law were written.

If we read the scriptures, we must be humble, we must be looking for the TRUTH not some vehicle upon which we can ride to fame and fortune.

It is very easy to get a revelation from Yah, and then to try and monetise it and live off the revenue.   This is what the traders in the temple forecourt were doing when Yahushua threw them out.   He will do the same thing again many many times over.

Whilst Yah gives us freedom, we must use that freedom wisely, He wants us to learn from Him directly, allowing Him to guide our understanding – Father, what do you mean by this?

Whilst we may read the opinions of others, when we come before Yah we will be on our own, maybe with Yahushua, but the Rabbi, the Priest or the Pastor will not be there to defend our (his/her) erroneous doctrine.   In fact, they will be in the same position, and worse, they will have to defend the fact that they have taught you and me erroneous doctrine; there will be very few Talmudic scholars in heaven!

The Pastor who excuses and even defends the pagan rituals of Christmas and Easter, the Priest who forgives sins and promotes Mary as a deity in her own rite.

This is not humility, this is arrogance, Yah says that the seventh day (Saturday) is a day of rest, the Pope says it is the first day (Sunday), which one (if any) do you keep?  Maybe you say it does not matter as long as you keep one day.   But did Yah say this, or did man? or maybe it is just more convenient…..


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