Filthy Rags

We are born into Adam’s world, and taught from babes to think in Adam’s way.

Part of that way is to see History as an evolutionary progression when in fact the scriptures tell us the absolute opposite; we are farther away from Yah now than we ever were, out dependence upon Him has diminished as we use computers and labour saving devices created by men and which which replace the awsomness of Yah’s Creation.

Even Adam was much closer to Yah than we are, we have no intimacy with Yah, and new generations of children often have no exposure at all to Yah’s scriptures.

Escaping the pigsty gets more difficult, not less, for we have to re-orientate ourselves and understand that Yah is as relevant to us as He was to Adam thousands of years ago.

We are taught to see Adam as a ‘caveman’ (which he may well have been, but we are taught to see ourselves as civilized and sophisticated.   With this view the mud and excrement of the pigsty can seem pure clean and smelling of roses!

But that is the deception, that is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.   I too have been deceived by the serpent.

Am I going to be Adam and continue to wallow in sweat, or am I to be as Chavah (Eve) and acknowledge that I got it wrong.   Moving about in the clinging filth of the pigsty is difficult, it took me two decades to even find the door, and another two decades to exit the door and to start on the pathway home.

I had to unlearn many things, I had to learn humility, for there is no room in the house of Yah for the filthy rags of Adam’s world.


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