Yah is not a politician, He created a world and He expects us to live in it and abide by His rules.   Adam created an alternative world, a derivative world of alternatives, and Adam was a born politician.

We, unfortunately, are born into Adam’s world, we may be born into wealth and influence, or we may be born into poverty and slavery, most of us are born into something inbetween.

But we are born into Adam’s politics, and we learn from the cradle to wheedle the world around us to get what we want, for some of us that is barely enough food to survive, and for others, it is whether to buy a Mercedes or a Lincoln.

But Yah is not a politician that He should lie and cheat and steal, but He is remote from us because we play too political games, even whilst seeking first the kingdom (but whose kingdom?).

We have the scriptures, scriptures which can become political entities on their own and all too easily, scripture which can be mistranslated, misinterpreted and misplaced in our minds.

But if Yah’s Torah is written upon our hearts, then we get Creation straight.   The pure in heart see Yah, and by default they see the Way to His Creation and can choose to comply or to rebel.    

There is always a choice, Yah’s Way or my way, and even if Frank did it ‘My Way’ we do no need to be stupid and follow him to destruction.

The Way to Yah is rough and steep, it means that we have to deny ourselves (our knowledge of good and bad; our opinion), it means taking up the instrument of torture (the cross) and following Yah’s Way.

We start by becoming Torah compliant (not Talmud/church/catachism compliant),   Torah builds word pictures of Yah’s Creation, and in doing seeing those pictures, we achieve understanding.   But we must build our own pictures, we must seek Yah’s truths for ourselves, all the our Toraic paths lead to the same place, but the routes are different.   I can learn both good and bad from other people, but I can only learn Good and Bad direct from Yah.

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