Daily Bread

I was born into Adam’s world, I was not born into Yah’s world (Eden).     Adam was thrown out of Eden and, by the sweat of his labours he had to tame ‘Adam’s world’ that world into which I was born, and which became the cradle of my nurture, so when I was a child, when I thought and acted as a child, it was as a child in Adam’s world.

So now I am a man, I must put away childish things, and Adam’s world is a childish material thing, but it is the world in which I grew up, it is my familiar place.

So what is the alternative?   The only other world mentioned in Scripture is the world that Yah intended Adam to inhabit, the world of Eden where one could go around naked and pick one’s food from the trees.

So what does it mean?   Can Yah give me each day my daily bread as he did in Eden?

Or do I have to go out and get it for myself?   Must I do it my way or step back and give Yah a chance?

We may pray often the Yah give us our daily bread, but such is the pressure of Adam’s world that we usually pre-empt Yah and provide our own daily bread, so we ask for it, but don’t wait for Yah but do it Adam’s way because that is how Adam’s world works.

There is indeed a war in my members, and most of us back the wrong side.

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