Adam’s fall was triggered by deceit, Adam fell for the deceit but did not confess it, the woman, later to be known as Chavah, was deceived too, but confessed.

It is most important to understand what is going on here, forget the genders involved, here we have two people, one is Yah orientated, the other is self-orientated.    Adam thinks that he can deceive Yah by a manipulation of words, the words he uses are not necessarily untrue, but they are not the complete truth.   Yes the woman did eat of the fruit, Yes, Yah did give Adam the woman, two true statements.   What Adam did not express was that he made a personal decision, independent of the woman to directly disobey Yah.   Yah told Adam not to eat the forbidden fruit even before the woman was separated out from Adam.   She thought she could not even touch the tree, consider where that erroneous information might have come from?

Cain murdered Abel, Whilst Abel did things Yah’s way and was commended for it, Cain disobeyed Yah, he offered Yah the products of his sweat and toil, not the blood sacrifice as commanded by Yah.   The sweat and toil was part of the punishment of Adam, it was a physical sacrifice not a spiritual one.

Cain murdered Abel because he was offended by what Yah said; by the ‘hate speech’ of Yah.

So was Cain the first ‘snowflake’ who then went away and built his ‘safe space’; his city with walls to keep Yah out?

We too have choices, we can seek to do things Yah’s way, or we can do things Adam’s way, Cain’s way, the way of the world into which we were born.

Cain’s way has unintended consequences, Cain did not reckon with Abel’s blood crying out, he thought his crime could be hidden, he too thought he could manipulate Yah.

Do we try to manipulate Yah?   Is that not what man’s religions are about?    If we are truly seeking FIRST the Kingdom of Yah, and His truths, then we will seek to do things Yah’s ways not men’s ways.

If we truly seek to find Yah for ourselves (rather than other men’s opinion of Yah) then He tells us “I will be found of you”, so you cannot find Yah if you are looking for a religious formulation because the ‘finding’ is controlled by Yah not by any religious leaders. Yah wants a personnal relationship with us, not a relationship mediated by a Rabbi, a priest or a vicar.

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