AI is now pop-culture, but behind it is an assumption that Yah does not exist and that humanity is just a self-programming computer.

If you have ever written code in assembly language then you know just how stupid computers are.

There are many things in the modern world, for which we have to assume the non-existence of Yah, each time we get vaccinated we are assuming that doctor knows what is really good for us.   But in reality, we take a vaccine in the knowledge that it is going to kill some of us in order that others may live, now where have we heard that before.

When we make that decision, to vaccinate, to abort, to transplant, do we really understand what is going on? Or do we trust that the doctors really understand.

Most vaccine ‘science’ is trial and error, and a sort of ‘publish and be dammed’ as the medical cartel make unimaginable amounts of money out of dodgy medical science.

Edward Jenner did his experiments on an 8 year old boy, Louis Pasteur plagiarized much of his work, these guys were salesmen rather than pillars of the scientific community.   Yet we adore them. When the herbalists were all burnt as witches, the barbers and their razors took their place, they were not healers, they were a blood letting priesthood.

Computers do not have a consciousness, so they cannot have ‘intelligence’ for intelligence is free will and a gift from Yah.   A cat cannot escape from its ‘cat’ programming, it cannot become a mind-dog. What we call Artificial Intelligence is a form of bondage with which we should not be entangled, we should read the small print.   Silicone based computers can read a series of transistors which are either switched on or off, and make a pre-programmed decision based upon the data.

The DNA code that works our bodies is has 4 bits not two, so the number of ‘states’ in any one strand is enormous.   Not only that, but the position of any sequence within a strand is also significant, the DNA related numbers are so huge that a normal silicon based just computer cannot handle it. But a carbon lifeform can. These processes are subliminal, we are unaware of them, this leaves us free to meditate on Yah (or not as the case may be).

We can rejoice in our free will, but to leave the pig sty we must also leave behind the lies of the worldly deceivers who want to undermine Yah’s eternal truths and switch us to become pseudo science junkies.

Each scientific consensus must be subjected to a Berean process – Is is Creation compliant, or is it yet another reptilian deception?

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