Rabbi Nudnik

When we esteem our ‘reputation’ and position higher than our integrity then we indulge in ‘virtue signalling’ but we need to question ourselves as to exactly whom it is that we are signalling to.  

Yah is immune to virtue signalling, so our signals are to the men and women around us and to those in authority over us and ‘beneath’ us.   We esteem their opinion of us more than we do Yah’s opinion of us.

We throw their ‘godship’ in Yah’s face.

And then we expect Him to bless us for it.  Insanity really is about doing the same thing time and time again and expecting different outcomes.

Men and women have been worshipping Rabbis (elevated ones) for thousands of years, and these Neo-Baalam’s love it, have you ever flown First Class? Well they have, I’ve seen them.

The Christians too have their Nicolaitians (same word different language) and to be received by Yah we must give up our revered Nicolatians and Baalams.

Yah wants us to live by His code of conduct but without the additions of man-made add-ons, the rituals, the traditions, the faux charity and the Rolls Royces (or Cadillacs, lincolns mercs you name it).

If you believe that in order to enter Yah’s kingdom a Rabbi must stamp your passport, then I suggest you open Your Tanach (bible) and read what Yah actually said, not what Rabbi Nudnik interprets.

If you keep Yah’s Torah and become Creation compliant you can become as Elijah (Elijahu) but if you follow Rabbi Nudnik’s Talmud (or Catachism) you will become only the servant of Rabbi Nudnik

When YOU come before Yah, Rabbi Nudnik will be struggling with his own Judgement before Yah, he will not have time to testify on your behalf……

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