Are you a Christian?  Are you a Jew? Or are you, like Paul, a follower of the Way?

Jews worship a sack full of scrolls and their Rabbis, Christians worship a Roman pagan torture device known as a crucifix.

Paul as a follower of the Way (of Yahovah) did not need identity or the external iconry of the ‘holy’ man.

When Torah is written upon our hearts we do not need the external virtue signalling to make us set apart, we just follow the pathway set out for us by the personal miracle of Yah that guides us.

When we left the prodigal’s pigsty, we started on a journey, a journey whose destination is the gates of the Father.

We take the journey with the mindset of a servant, and we are met from afar by other servants with messages of encouragement.   But we seek, we listen and we learn.   We strive to become Yah like so that when we arrive, the gates will open for us – we are a good and faithful servant and no threat to the household of Yah, and with no desire to once more demand our own selfish inheritance.

Our inheritance is free will, but it is what we do with it that matters, do we turn back to Yah, or do we continue to be choked by Adam’s world, the world where the path leads only to the pigsty.

It is not about being a famous evangelist, it is about a personal journey of humility, learning to put aside the ‘godship’ of the prodigal and re-entering Eden as a Yah and Creation compliant reborn and unfallen Adam.

Eden has gates, but only those who have given up on fallen Adam and become followers of the Way of Yahovah can enter back in.    That Yah put the gates in Eden means that we can come back, but not as Adam knowing his own good, and his own bad; defining his own identity and his own righteousness.   But as a servant, reborn from above, and displaying Yah’s good and avoiding Yah’s bad.

Adam cannot re-enter Eden unless he gives up his self-godship; his propensity to do it his own way. There is only one way that matters – Yah’s WAY.

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