Yah’s name: I was, I am and by implication I will be.That name encompasses the whole of His Creation and I can choose to be part of it, or to be part of something else.

Adam is not part of Yah’s Creation; he was thrown out because he thought his own knowledge superseded that of the Creator and thus there was no longer a place for him in the Creator’s garden.   Adam chose badly, and instead of remaining a part of Yah’s Creation, he applied his own knowledge and thus built his own creation.

We call this creation of Adam’s the World   But it is a world in which death is inevitable.

Although I was born into Adam’s world, I do not have to be part of it, I can choose to put Adams dictates aside and start to adhere to those of Yah and start the long journey back to Yah’s Creation, Yah’s Eden.

Eden has gates, and this is important.   I do not put in a gate if it is not needed for entry or exit.   If the casting out of Adam was permanent, no gate would be needed.

But there is a gate and it is guarded by Cherubim, the warrior angels of Yah.

I cannot get through that gate whilst the law of sin and death still has a hold of my body.   The law of the spirit of Life is acceptable, so in order to re-enter, somehow I must restrain the sin and death within me.

I like a sheep have gone astray, I have turned to my own ways, yet Yahovah has laid on HIM all my sin and death, and by HIS suffering, I am healed.

So who can cover the Adam in me.

Torah made flesh and dwelling with me can cover me such that there is no longer condemnation.  I can go to the fathers gates covered by the three days and three nights of Torah made flesh suffering.

The gates will open for me – but only for me, I cannot take the baggage of religion and idolatry in with me.

I cannot take the Pope, the Archbishop or the Chief Rabbi in with me, they have their own struggles, and it is highly likely that they are herding their flocks in the wrong direction.

I have a Horeb for myself, I can chose Yah and have a personal relationship with Him, or I can choose Moses and he will build a religion for me.   The religion that Moses builds may bring me back to Horeb many times over, but until I choose Yah not Moses there is no going back to Eden.

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