The glittering towers of Paaganity.

Adam was part of Yah’s Creation but detatched himself from it by adhering to his own newfound knowledge over the real Knowledge of Yah.

In accusing Yah (She did it, the woman that YOU gave me) Adam defined the first religion, for a religion is a manmade construct that replaces Yah and His Knowledge.

Nimrod appears to have created a godist structure around a trinity (Nimrod, Semirage and Tammuz) that defined the culture of those its thrall.   This godist structure established edifaces of religion that we still unquestionably keep today.   Buildings (churches, temples synagogues), Worship (posturings, submissions, chantin, intoning/preaching, singing, music), Elevated lreligious leaders (popes, priests, rabbis, pastors).

These things are the pillars of religions, we do not question them, but are they the steep and narrow pathway to Yah’s TRUTH, ot are they the broad pathway that leads to destruction?

That question we must each work out for ourselves.

But I can give you my view; I was born into Adam’s world, A pigsty, but it was normality to me, and as such it was warm and comfortable.   Its sheer familiarity meant that I need make no real effort to find the door and look outside.

But deep within me were echoes of a better way.

I could choose to seek that better way and challenge the spiders I might find, or shut the door and keep the light (and the spiders) out, depending on the artificial light provided by the established pigsty religion.

I chose, I hope, the door, and my own personal pathway to Yah, I left the pigsty of familiarity, but still with the muck of it clinging to me.

I was met from afar, but the servants would only point out to me where the mud clung, it was up to me to wash it off, bit by sticky bit.

Folks, the pathway back to Yah and his truth starts at the door to the pigsty, we cannot see it unless we actually step outside, inside is all the glitter and ritual of paganity that will keep us mesmerized.  

The modern day religions, be they Jewish, Christian or anything else are all out workings of Adam’s original religion, they are fabrications designed to obfuscate Yah’s Knowledge and enhance Adam’s knowledge

In the beginning Yah created everything, but Adam rejected Yah’s Creation and invented his own based upon man’s knowledge not Yah’s Knowledge.

Yah writes his Knowledge only on the hearts of those who allow Him to so do.   If our hearts are hardened because we want to continue in Adam’s ways and knowledge, then there is no Knowledge from above, and no pathway for us to follow. Each of us must leave our personal comfort zone and challenge our personal spiders if we are to even see His Path. for His Paths do not even look like the familiar paths of Adam’s creation.

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