Relationships 101

Sodom’s problem was not Homosexuality as such, it was the desire to breed Nephilim from the angels accompanying Abraham in the rescue of Lot.

So what of the Sodomy in Romans?

We tend to regard homosexuality as ‘immoral’ and it is every bit as immoral as adultery and fornication in that it is an attack om family and the commandment of Yah to go forth and multiply.

But what if Paul is looking at amorality rather than immorality, amorality being the absence of morals rather than immoral being the flouting of morals.

An amoral person discards Torah and claims that Yah’s Creation has no traction in their lives, essentially, that humanity can make its way without Yah and outside of Yah’s creation.

Sodom was destroyed in fire and brimstone, and if one visits the site here in Israel, one can pick that brimstone (sulphur) up off the ground.   The site of Sodom on the dead sea near Masada is one of archaeologies best kept secrets.

In the middle of the video we see the strange shapes of what could well be buildings turned to chemical ash

Yah only destroys nations that dabble in the forbidden craft of ‘giants’ (Nephilim) and the extremes of violence in Tanach are always associated with the worship of Nephilim as in Canaan, Bashan etc.

So was Sodom destroyed because of homosexuality or because the Sodomites desired to breed with the angels accompanying Abraham

Torah deals with homosexuality in the same way as it does adultery and fornication, mass killing is reserved for more egregious pursuits.

In breeding Nephilim one is substituting those Nephilim for Yah and this is not acceptable.   In this day and age we substitute celebrities for Yah, so are celebs the new Nephilim?

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