Relationships 102

Torah is voluntary, and within Torah, same sex sexual relationships are as unacceptable as fornication or aadultery, and there is no place within the Toraic society for any who indulge in these practices.

There is also no ‘marriage’ in the scriptures, the act of copulation is, in itself, a contract of marriage in that the male is consenting to support the female and her offspring, and the female is consenting to bear the offspring of the male exclusively.

Contraception has rather stymied this consept, and has presented us with the dilemma of “recreational sex” a.k.a. fornication with no consequences.

Modern contraception is effective but not necessarily infallible, so society has had to accommodate this with abortion (murder) and the problem of single unmarried mothers who cannot support themselves.

Yah orders us to go forth and multiply, humanity says sow your wild oats, we can deal with unintended consequences by violating Yah’s Torah.

There are loving relationships in the scripture, Rebecca, Rachel, Rahab and Ruth spring to mind, but that is the icing on top, the main job of a family is to reproduce and anything that distracts from that is problematic; Jacob’s relationship with Leah obviously fell into this category.

To reproduce with an angelic being is obviously reprehensible, it is the same as bestiality in a way, but it is not sterile as most inter species copulation is, it produces monsters.

This brings us back to Sodom, and we must ask, what Sodomy is all about, is it the breeding of Nephilim or is it about same sex relationships.   My feeling is the former, we know that Yah puts giants to the sword, but although unacceptable in the chosen people, homosexuality does not demand mass extermination as happened in Sodom, Gomorrah and the cities of the plains.

I suspect that Sodomy, the breeding of giants in the scriptures, must be equated with man’s propensity to seek his own Utopia of which he alone is god, and to do this, he believes that the end point will justify any murder and mayhem he uses to achieve his ends – the road to tyranny is paved with the skulls of man’s best intentions…….

It is just a malicious and evil state of mind.

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