Asking Yah

Truth, is things as they really are, as Yah Created them.

Adam uses his knowledge of good and evil to conjure up things as he wants them to be and Religion is adhering to Adam’s ways.

We are born into Adam’s world, the world he created with the sweat of his labours after he was thrown out of Eden.   Because we are born into Adams world, we know no different until we begin to understand the nature of Yah.   Yah always points us away from Adam and towards His Creation, but we have free will, we can follow Yah or follow Adam, the latter is comfortable, the former is not.

Men’s religions are phantasies whereby elements of Adam, and elements of the gods are woven together to provide a carpet for us to walk on, the carpet covers the real floor so that we may never see it unless we are prepared to lift the carpet and look underneath.   There we may find the trapdoor to reality.

The scriptures say that I can ask Yah for anything and that He will provide, He will not give me a stone, but He will provide abundantly.   Religion says that I can only ask Yah to provide for others, not myself, this is Adamic clap-trap, religious nonsense.

Doing ‘good’ for others is probably the single most damaging doctrine the Adamic world has thrown up, if I cannot communicate with Yah, if whole areas of my life with Him are a forbidden conversation, then truth cannot abound.

My children picked up a song from school it went something like “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz”.   It was seen as heretical, but no!   If we want something, we must ask Yah for it! We must pray, but prayer is a no holds barred dialogue with our Creator.

If I want to be a prophet of a healer, I must ask Yah, If I want to do well in exams, I ask Yah.

If I want money, I ask Yah, but I don’t steal it!   There are many ways to steal money, some, our society does not see as stealing.   Being lazy at work for instance, cheating on taxes for another.

If we are honest with Yah, he will answer prayer and provide for us as he has promised, but honesty means everything, including our little foibles as well as our big ones.

Yah Created us, He knows our private places, our lusts, our desires, our fears better than we do.

Being born into Adam’s world, for the first years of our lives we did childish things, we picked up on our parental vices.   But as we grow out of childhood, we need to have a dialogue with Yah about His Way and Our Ways, for they are different.  We need to talk to Him about ourselves; about our desires.  We can turn to our way and go around in circles, or we can follow His way by asking Him for directions.

We need to pray for ourselves, we need to have open unfettered dialogue with our Creator, we need to allow Him to provide. 

If we cannot pray for ourselves, we cannot move on.

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