Protecting God

We see the phenomena where people will murder those who ‘offend’ their gods.   Unfortunately there are those who also feel that they have to violently defend Yah and what they deem to be the things of Yah.   This is to gravely misunderstand Yah.

Yah is the Creator, and as such, cannot be attacked in any way by His Creation and those within it, and yes, whilst there is a war going on in Creation, it is a war going on over the hearts and minds of mankind not Yah’s ascendancy.

Satan failed to change Torah in Hades when ‘Torah made flesh’ (Yahushua) was presented to him in death.

Satan strives to turn man away from Yah, and His truth.   He lies, and those who believe satan’s lies are as the blind.   Most of us are in a state of confusion, we want to seek Yah’s truths, but we follow men’s religions rather than seeking truth and taking responsibility for ourselves.

When we truly seek Yah, we must be humble, for He is the teacher and we are the pupil, we must listen out for His lead, we must not ‘do it my way’.

We start with Torah, but not the religious Torah as interpreted by Rabbis, Yah is not interested in funny hats, prayer shawls and tassels.   He is looking for the man or woman who is prepared to have a direct relationship, the relationship that was offered to the elders of the Children of Israel at Mt Horeb.   They rejected that offer, they did not want to take on the responsibility before Yah for their own lives, they preferred to farm it out to Moses.

Moses created a holding pattern, a way of life that could be used as a launch pad for a personal relationship with Yah for those prepared to take the next step.

Yah is quite capable of fighting His own battles and mine if I will let Him.

I have to trust and rely on Yah, not Him on me.

If I am physically, emotionally or verbally violent to another, thinking to protect god’s honour then I do not understand Yah!

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