What is the story of Joseph telling us?

A young man, gifted from Yah displays his talents and is rewarded by his Father, but is despised by his envious brothers.

But those brothers are not interested in the enormous benefit that a gift from God can bring to both themselves and the family, they are only aware of his ‘arrogance’ and threat.   It is obvious to them that Jacob will choose him as the heir (and the double portion).    We see this legalized in the ‘mandrake’ incident between Leah and Rachel (we don’t know what a mandrake actually is) but Ruben is the firstborn of Leah and it is something to do with this.

With Joseph gone, then the double portion is up for grabs.

But the gifting of Yah goes with Joseph, it is his, not the family’s, and so it moves to Egypt.

Christians believe that Joseph adumbrates Yahushua, and maybe this is so, ‘Christianity’ moves to Rome after the crucifixion.   So it is in Rome that ‘Christianity’ meets Potiphar’s whorish wife, now who could that be?

Joseph is then gaoled, has he been released yet?   Has he met the butler and the baker?

Has the butler talked to Pharaoh?   Have the brothers come before the elevated Joseph?

The story is incomplete.   Joseph’s stars re-appear in Revelations 12.

As far as I can see, Joseph (the true way of Torah) is still in gaol, and Potiphar’s wife still has the upper hand.

Joseph benefits Egypt exceedingly well, such that his brothers are forced to come and beg. That benefit could have been theirs, but they were not humble enough to accept that Yah (an Jacob their father) had chosen Joseph, the despised little brother. The benefits that Joseph could have brought to the family had come to Egypt instead.

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