Adam’s creation

The Covid balaghan (Hebrew – imbroglio) seems to fit end times biblical prophesy almost perfectly, and if this time around it is exposed as the malicious hoax it is, then there will be a next, and a next until enough of the people are fooled enough of the time for Satan to take control.

Satan always works to a pattern, persecution of Jews, degrading of women, and an elite having absolute authority over the mass of the people.   Mankind always seems to fall for it.

Why? Because it is the natural way of life in Adam’s world.

When Adam was thrown out of Eden (Yah’s Creation) he proceeded to create his own creation by the sweat of his labours, this is the world of Cain, the city walls being there to keep Yah out.

It was the adoptation of the 10 commandments by protestant Christians that produced the civilization we enjoyed for about a hundred and fifty years.   But that baby got thrown out with the bathwaters of the nineteen sixties, and we have watched the slow disintegration of western society as those things defined by Yah as beneficial were slowly cast aside as religious mythology.

In the beginning Yah Created, and in the end He will judge all of us against the standards set by the ten commandments – all of them including keeping the Sabbath as the seventh day.   Many are going to come before Yah thinking that they have a “get out of Gaol free” card called Jesus Christ.

But that is not the question Yah will ask, He will ask “did you keep my Torah”  – I will answer “NO my Father, I tried and I failed”     At which point my advocate, Yahushua, Torah made flesh and dwelling amongst us, will answer “I will vouch for this good and trusty servant, his footsteps sought My Way, My Truth and My Life.”

Jesus did not die on the cross for my sins, Yehushua spent 3 days and 3 nights in Hades dealing with the Accuser, such that in my judgement before the great White Throne, the Accuser, Satan, has no say.

But many will claim Jesus, the cross and good works, but Yahushua will say “get thee hence, I know you not – You failed to keep Torah (anomia in the Greek – Matt 7 v 21 – 23).

Without Yah and Torah, man reverts to tyranny, and the Satan (humanist) worshipping elite ruling over the people is the norm for Adam’s creation.

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