To Die is Gain

How can this possibly work?

The physical death in Adam’s creation – is it gain?    Only if we have ‘Salvation’ but in Yah’s creation we are talking of a spiritual ‘death’ – how can this be beneficial?

It can if it means death to my knowledge of good and evil, to my godship.   If I can leave behind my godship and re-establish Yah’s Godship in my life I am in effect dying to self.

Amd in this I definitely gain because I begin to walk the path in accordance with the Torah written upon my heart and become, once more, Creation compliant.

For me to live is Messianic, to die is gain, Paul is talking at both physical and spiritual levels, as one with salvation, the physical life is lived at the behest of Yah and spiritually he has died to self, he has died to his own knowledge of good and evil, he has died to his own godship and has taken on Yah’s Godship in the form of the Torah written upon his heart.

It is all actually very simple, but to understand Paul one has to understand what happened in the Garden of Eden.   When Adam ate of the Fruit, and unlike the woman (Eve/Chava), failed to ‘see’ that he had departed from Yah’s Way, he was changed, he aspired to see himself as a god and started to define good and evil for himself (see Genesis 3 v 22) he is ejected from Yah’s Creation and, in the sweat of his labours, sets up his own creation.

We are born into Adam’s creation, a world built and defined by Adam’s puny knowledge.

This world is a pigsty and we wallow comfortably in our own faeces, spouting death from our mouths.   But we can escape from the  pigsty by humbly accepting the role of servant to Yah, that is, obeying the commandments of Yah rather than making them up as we go along, thus we leave the pigsty and walk the Way.

But we are still covered in the faeces of our own knowledge, we are met from afar by Yah’s servants. And if we are prepared to listen to them in all humility, so we will be cleansed.

Yahs servants are not necessarily ‘human’ but they speak to our heart rather than our mind.   It may not be ‘scientific’ or even ‘rational’ but it is Yah’s truth.

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