Is Might Right or is Yah Right?

We are born into Adam’s world, a world defined by Adam’s (mankind’s) knowledge of good and evil, a world where might is right and where the ends justify the means.

But we each of us have a personal option, which is to leave Adam’s pigsty and follow the pathway back to Yah.

Following the pathway back to Yah entails giving up man’s ways and seeking to do things Yah’s way, the way of His Creation.

When Adam was thrown out of Eden (complete with his own knowledge of good and evil also known as godship) he built an alternative world based upon sin and death.

‘Sin’ is a misleading word, for we simplify it into specific acts, but its real meaning is to fall short of Yah’s required standard; the standard He requires of us to qualify to re-enter His Creation.

As Law breakers we belong in Adam’s world, and Satan, the accuser, will make absolutely sure that no ‘sinners’ escape.

BUT, in 3 days and 3 nights in Hades (after the crucifixion) Yehushua, (Torah made flesh and dwelling amongst us) fought off Satan (somehow) and provided us with a Way back to Yah.

We wear a garment, a robe, which carries on it the stains of our lives; a stain for every time we have violated Torah.   For us to re-enter Eden, this garment must be clean.   It is Yahushua, as Torah made flesh, who provides the laundry service.

Christians believe that they do not need Torah, that it was ‘nailed to the cross’, but it was not Torah that was nailed to the cross, it was our (Adam’s) knowledge of good and evil.   To participate in Yahushua is to participate in Torah because they are one and the same.

Torah was in the beginning, Abraham kept it, the Elders of the children of Israel rejected it at Mt. Horeb, so Moses had to create a substitute based upon a physical ‘Temple’, which lasted until the day of Pentecost, when the tongues of ‘fire’ left the Temple and alighted on the believers.

This is the true message of the scriptures, the rest is religion, a tradition designed to make clerics rich.   We alone are in control of our spiritual destiny, and we will be on our own when we come before Yah, there will be no Rabbis, Priests, Pastors or Vicars to help us, and Yahushua will only shelter those who are not Torah breakers (Doers of iniquity Gr; anomia G458)

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