Whose Knowledge?

The scriptures make very clear the idea that Adam’s world is very different to Yah’s world; Adam was cast out of Eden and had to build his own ‘world’ by the sweat of his labours.

We are born into Adam’s world, and Yah’s world is alien to us.   We accept the nuances of Adam’s world as ‘Fact’ were, to us, the nuances of Yah’s world are like fictions we read in a book.

That book, the Bible, describes the way Yah sees things, and it is vital to understand this.  

To Yah, Adam’s world is a pigsty, not the physical world as such, but those things in it which are the product of Adam’s sweat and labour.

But to us Adam is home and comfort and all things normal.  

We cannot leave Adam’s pigsty unless we are prepared to completely cut it off from ourselves, not only must we walk away from it, but we have to wash its sticky mess from our body, soul and spirit.

Yah will send his ‘servants’ to assist with this, but we have to be humble, as a servant ourselves, to accept their help.

We cannot drag the pigsty with us, it must be shed, washed off, bit by stinking bit.

It can be painful, that Rabbi we adore, that Pastor we adhere to, they too may be part of the pigsty, and leading people to destruction.

We can go to ‘church’ sing and clap our hands, never understanding that this is getting us nowhere, it is not good enough to live a ‘good’ life by Adam’s standards because we will be judged according to Yah’s standards.

Nobody can lead us out of the pigsty, it is a decision that each of us must make on a personal basis, even if it means leaving everything dear to us behind.

We grow up thinking that there is only one “knowledge of good and evil” but that is wrong, each of us has our own “kofg&e” so there are many millions of them out there, we may choose lo follow the Rambam, but he will not lead us out of the pigsty, he may be virtuous by Adam’s standards, but is he virtuous by Yah’s standards?    Did the word of Yah come from men?

Many of us preach Adam’s sweat and labour, ignorant of the fact that it leads nowhere; the blind leading the blind.   First we must leave the pigsty and start the cleansing process, we must leave Adam’s sweat behind and look for Yah’s Creation in order to become part of it, Yah is unchanging, but we can be changed into His likeness.

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