There are an awful lot of people who believe that to be right with Yah, they have to do good deeds, but Yah makes it very clear that men’s good deeds are not what is required, what is required is that we have Torah written upon our hearts.

We can have a heart of stone, and still do good deeds, especially deeds according to our knowledge of good and evil not Yah’s.

I once heard a Sunday school teacher supposedly teaching the children in his care to pray, he told them that they could only pray for other people, not for anything for themselves.

What! Came this directive from Yah?

Or did men make it up because it was ‘pious’?

We need to have a dialogue with Yah, we need His guidance, we need to meet His servants from afar.   In my walk with Yah, it is me that really, really needs His input as I struggle with the law of sin and death in my members.   If I can only ask on behalf of other people, then I am bereft there is nothing to assist me.

Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz, goes the song, nothing wrong with that, it is not a sin to want a nice car, and it is certainly not a sin to seek Yah’s assistance to do the impossible. We seem to find the men of Yah doing it all the time.

If I ask for bread, will he give me a stone?

But what if I don’t ask for bread for myself, does He still give me a stone, or nothing?

Our walk with Yah is personal, and we need to have a personal relationship with Him, we need to talk to Him about problems, wants, needs, desires as if we were His children and He is our father.   Children need to be provided for, if they need new shoes because their feet grow, then it is no good them asking that their siblings have a new pair.   “Abba, my shoes are hurting me”  “Shut up and go barefoot, if you ask you don’t get, if you don’t ask, you don’t want”.

This in not the way Yah works, we make our needs, wants and desires known and Yah answers.   It may not be how we envisaged His answer, but it will suffice.

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