Meddlng with Creation

On the sixth day Yah looked back at his Creation and saw that it was Good, he then created Man, and His Creation became Very Good.

Yah did not create or discover smartphones, but within His Creation was the potential for smartphones, Man was created to fulfil the potential of Yah’s Creation, it was the serpent who slithered into a position where he could pervert man’s creativity.

Science is the study of Yah’s Creation, but there is a Satanic religion of Science, with the ‘s’ capitalized, where science is perverted into man’s political aims.   We can follow the science and study Yah’s Creation, or we can follow the Science religion and work to an agenda set by our ‘betters’.   If we follow the Science we will get very tied up with unintended consequences.

Science is a religion, a pagan religion that assumes that in the beginning Yah did not create, and that creation only started when Adam was ejected from Eden, Science is the study of Adam’s creations, whereas science is the study of Yah’s creation.

Lets work through an example, Germ Theory states that for every disease, there is a pathogen, a bacteria of a virus, this we inherit from Pasteur and Koch.   There is an alternative to this accepted narrative, that of ‘terrain’ as proposed by Bechamp,   Bechamp discovered that bacteria were pleomorphic, that is, they changed according to their terrain, if the flesh became corrupt then microzymas  present in the organism ‘sprouted’ into bacteria capable of removing the corruption, the bacteria are shepherded by our immune system, and only if this process got out of control did we become ill.

So Science believes Pasteur and worships the creation, the vaccines and chemical medicines which one can sell and get rich, while the science actually points to Bechamp and a divinely created self-healing system which sometimes needs a little help from a healer.

One is highly profitable, the other is not

We have choices, we can follow the Science, or we can perhaps work a little harder and follow the science, one is a pack of lies and half-truths designed to sell snake oil at a ridiculous price, the other is a sincere attempt to understand the Creation, in us and all around us.

As always, we can choose man’s way or Yah’s way, life or death.

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