Silly Hats

Yah’s Creation was ‘very good’,  and by implication we can assume that anything not Created by Yah was not ‘good’ but bad.

Adam becomes a ‘god’ knowing ‘good’ from ‘evil’ (in his own opinion) Adam’s good and bad is not the same as Yah’s good and bad, therefore it falls into the bad part of Yah’s knowledge of good and evil.

Religion always reflects the opinion of man and is therefore an anathema to Yah.  

Yah wants us to seek His way for ourselves, not some catechism or Talmud giving the opinion of men and their definitions of good and bad.

For example, what does Yah have to do with regalia?   Moses defined some regalia after the rejection of a personal relationship with Yah at Mt. Horeb.   Regalia sets one apart physically, it is a picture of what Yah really wants, that is for us to be set apart spiritually.   Set apart because we are followers of the Way, not followers of popes and rabbis.

Our priestly garments must be spiritual ones – silly hats are only for those bound up in men’s religions.

To be considered ‘good’, we must be part of Yah’s Creation not Adam’s, and because we are born into Adam’s creation, we must follow a pathway from Adam’s creation back to Yah’s Creation and eventually, to re-enter Yah’s Creation.

But there are gatekeepers, with fiery swords, to keep Adam’s creation out, nothing of Adam’s creation is allowed into Yah’s domaine.

Half of me is of Adam; the Law of sin and death working in my members, it is at war with Yah’s Torah; the Law of the Spirit of Life also in my members.

If we leave Adam’s pigsty, and walk Yah’s path, the we are met from afar by the servants of Yah, they will, if we are humble enough to listen to them, cleanse us from sin and death, such that when we complete our journey, there is nothing for the gatekeepers to object to; there is therefor no condemnation. Yah is Salvation!

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