Only if I let Him

Most insanity and cruelty in this world comes about when one of us, any of us, decides that the ‘ends’ justify the means.

If you want your space to be Jew free, then you have to be prepared to exterminate Jews, if you want to eradicate white male influence then you are going to have to discriminate against white males and humiliate them in the eyes of all females and non-whites.

If you want to play God, then you must walk a broad highway of blood and poverty – other people’s blood, and other people’s poverty (you hope).

Once one chooses the destination over the journey, amorality sets in and people die.

John Bunyon understood this, he could see that Christian was pursued by the very people who should have been aiding him.

Antifa, for example, are worse than the ‘Fascists’ they claim to be fighting, they have forgotten (or never knew) the doctrines of the brown, black or red shirts that they so happily copy.   BLM are so racist they make a mockery of their political stance.

Sitting above these front organisations is a shady but parasitic organisation that is so bigoted that it has lost all sense of proportion, because they only see their own objectives and self-aggrandisement as important, how they achieve it is not important, the peons die anyway, so why not add to the total.

Hamas are like fleas, biting Israel and feeling ‘holy’ by so doing, In Islam, killing infidels is important, because each unbeliever eradicated brings the Islamic Utopia one step closer, of the thousands of rockets fired at us, hundreds fell short killing and maiming their own people – no problem – blame it on the Israelis, the stupid kuffah will believe the lies…..

When we drop the moral anchor point which is Tanach out of our thoughts we open the way for the serpent to influence us once more; the serpent has its own knowledge of good and evil, and is very ‘subtle’ in the way he uses it.   His object is to get you to think of the destination, his destination.

Yah does not define our destination, we have to seek it for ourselves, He defines a journey, a path, a Way.   We, in faith, take that path, and learn from it as we journey through life.

Man’s journeys always end in death, but Yah’s journey is a Way of Truth and Life.

Abraham was a man of faith, he left the relative safety of Ur of the Chaldees, to journey along a path set for him by Yah, a path through bad lands and horrible people and things.   Abraham prevailed because he was a man of faith.   He let Yah guide and provide.

The most difficult lesson I have learned in the decades of my walk with Yah is that whereas I can only do the possible, He can do the impossible – but only IF I LET HIM.   It has taken me 40 years to stop trying to do things my way, the way of the world, the way of Adam….

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