Two Creations

There are two creations linked by a pathway called “The Way”

The first Creation is that of Yahovah, a Creation of light and of powerful words; a Torah of truth which we can choose to follow, believe and adhere to.

Or we can wallow in the other creation, that set up by the sweat of the labours of Adam (and the serpent)

Unfortunately we are born into and grow up in Adam’s creation, full of Adam’s knowledge and opinion of good and bad, some of us are called out of Adam’s creation, to leave the pigsty and start walking the path that will bring us to Yah’s Creation.

Once we make the personal decision to seek FIRST the kingdom of Yah and His Knowledge of good and Bad, we leave the comfort of the community and it rules and regulations, its rabbis and priests and pastors, and take responsibility for our own relationship with Yah.

This is tough, and will almost certainly mean being despised and rejected by those we thought were our friends and family.

As we walk the Way, our eyes will be opened, the servants of Yah will meet us from afar.   They will help us to cleanse ourselves from the slime of the pigsty, from Adam’s worldview and become acceptable to Yah.

Adam’s creation is the creation of Cain and Abel, a creation of pain and jealousy, of anger and revenge, of strutting vanity and the petty godships of men.  It is part of our existence, and we are immersed in it, even if we cannot see it.   We do not get to Yah by wearing funny hats and singing hymns on Sundays.

Adam’s world is the world of flesh and of death, Yah’s way takes us away from that, it takes us on a spiritual journey to a place where, even if our bodies fail and die, death has no hold on our spirit.

The ‘holy’ (set apart) spirit is our spirit cleansed and renewed and humble before Yah, this is the spirit that gives us membership of Yah’s Creation…..

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