The Pathway to Yah’s Creation

Adam’s creation and Yah’s Creation are worlds apart, Adam’s is a physical creation, a creation into which all of us were born, a creation of ‘flesh’ and ‘death’.   The body always dies, it may take a hundred minutes or a hundred years.

Yah’s Creation is everlasting, it is ‘spiritual’ in a way that we can choose, in our free will, to ‘believe’ (trust and rely) in it.   The scriptures begin “In the beginning” Yah Created”.   We can choose to believe that, or reject it.

It goes almost without saying that if we reject it, then we have no way of participating in Yah’s Creation to us it does not exist.

Yah’s Creation has a set of rules, we can choose to keep the rules or reject the rules, Abraham chose to keep the rules and prospered.   He had a personal, one-to-one relationship with Yah which meant that Yah’s rules were instinctive (written upon his heart)

The Elders of the Children of Israel, at Mt. Horeb (Sinai), rejected a one-to-one relationship, and commanded Yah to deal through Moses.   So Moses wrote the five books of Torah; Torah embedded Abraham’s rules, but also described rituals which were to replace the one-to-one relationship and Yah’s rules written upon the heart (this type of relationship was still available to those prepared to make the step of faith as Abraham did.

So the Toraic relationship with Yah was an inferior substitute for a full relationship with Yah.   The tabernacle in the wilderness was a temporary dwelling place of Yah, and even when the Temple was built, it only proved temporary.   The permanent relationship was through the heart, not through a Temple or Tabernacle.

When we take up an Abrahamic relationship with Yah, we start on a Journey, a Journey along a path called The Way, it is a path between the two Creations, we leave Adam’s creation, the pigsty, and we start the journey to the Kingdom of Yah and on the way, we are met by His servants and cleansed of the mire of the pigsty.  We are transformed in a way that makes us compatible with His Creation, governed by His Law.   We must drop the arrogance of Adam’s world and learn the humility of a servant of Yah, we cannot bring Adam with us.   Adam is a god knowing good from evil, we must reject that Adamic ‘godship’ and in all humility accept that Yah is the only correct source of truth.

It is very hard for a rabbi, vicar or pastor to cast off his knowledge and authority as invested in Adam’s creation; there is no room for a Moses in a one-to-one relationship with Yah.   It is impossible for one who is rich in his own knowledge of good and evil to enter Yah’s Creation.

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