Fear and Ignorance

Its story time, once upon a time there were a bunch of men, wealthy, self made men, who, knowing that there is no God decided they they could be gods instead.   So they started meeting together on a regular basis to discuss their increasing fear that the planet was becoming polluted by mankind.   That there were just too many humans, and they were reproducing too quickly.

It was decided that measures would have to be taken to disrupt the ordinances of God and substitute their own policies.

They instituted a short term plan aimed at slowing down the filling of the earth, and a long term plan aimed at culling the excess population in such a way that the people of the earth had no defense, and that dead bodies could be disposed of without threatening themselves with the consequences of mass slaughter.

As they pondered, they discovered Gaia, a goddess; mother of the planet, and that if they bowed down to her then she would provide supernatural aid to the schemes.

As a practice run, they targeted Jews for extermination, they learned how it was easy to mass kill but difficult to dispose of dead bodies safely.   To mass kill, you must deceive the victims into thinking that the abattoir is a place of salvation, and that the instruments of death are the beneficial showers of cleansing.

With the experimentation safely achieved, planning could progress.

Lies could be carefully laid to facilitate a new world perception of conformity, of ‘modern’ thought that excluded individual thought and meditation.

And the introduction of a mystical ‘science’ called medicine whereby people could be drugged and manipulated with impunity.

God said “Fear Not”, so these men used fear (and ignorance) as a weapon.   They convinced the people that their bodies (God’s Creation) could not cope with ‘modern’ pathogens and that a pandemic could wipe them all out.   So they artificially created a pandemic panic and deceived the people into asking for a ‘cure’.  Even unto the fooling of the very elect.

Their ‘cure’ was a slow but sure poison that would kill them at a rate that would not cause a backlog of unburied dead bodies.

Sound familiar?

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