Rebuking Yah

When Adam accused Yah of being responsible for the fall, he used his (Adam’s) judgement against the Creator.   We, having never been before the Creator and have difficulty recognising this situation because we have yet to experience it.

Adam thinks he is a god too, with all the facilities of a god (knowledge of good and bad) and he accuses Yah of doing ‘bad’ – he projects blame onto the woman, and thus indirectly, onto the Creator.

Adam is a god, a mighty one, but he did not Create, he did not speak the universe into being, and he cannot change Creation, he can only defile it.  So he is removed to a place where he can be god but without direct access to the tree of life.

Our ‘science’ does not give us access to knowledge concerning ‘life’ as such, a plant is ‘alive’, but we do not know the mechanisms that gives it life, let alone the consciousness that allows us to be aware that a plant has life in the first place. All life springs from a seed, whether from our mother’s ovaries, or from the packet we bought at the garden centre.   The seed is fertile and grows, these things happen without our knowledge or influence.

The woman’s body nurtures and gives life to the seed, this is our connection to the Tree of Life, going back through generations of mothers. The seed that is me being formed in my mother’s mother’s body.

It is the propensity for Adams (me), to assume that Yah is no longer relevant, and that the gods of the earth now rule, and that I will not have to stand before Yah and explain my rejection of Him.

The woman, Chavah, although she had eaten of the fruit of knowledge, still acknowledged Yah as Creator, she confessed that she had been deceived by the serpent.

I too, have been deceived by the serpent, that is not to pass the buck as such, but to acknowledge a truth.

When I come before Yah, I can use my godship, as Adam did, to rebuke Yah, or I can confess truth as the woman did,  Adam gets thrown out of Eden, this action, in the Hebrew, is in the masculine singular, so only Adam gets thrown out, it would appear that the woman still has access!

Which will I choose?   Will I tell Yah what I think is good or bad, or will I confess and listen to Him in all humility? There is a lot riding on this decidion…..

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