Yahovah still reigns

So I have two laws within me, the law of sin and death, the legacy of Adam, and the Law of the spirit of life, my legacy from Chavah the lifegiver (Eve)

Which one do I chose?

I want to choose life, but I do death, many times Adam wins.   So on the Day of Atonement, one of the two goats is my Adam which I must send into the wilderness, the other is my Chavah which I must send to Yah.

If we don’t understand Genesis 3 we cannot understand what Paul and Moses are writing about.

Bear this in mind as we look at the COVID-19 problems that the world is trying to manage as a humanist exercise.

CV19 itself is a fairly virulent ‘cold’ virus which has been transformed by spiritual malaise into a major Adamic event, mankind wants to control events with a hazardous vaccine rather than have faith in a loving and concerned God – Yahovah is our best protection and he has provided natural medicines and skills to control the epidemic if we are humble enough to use them.

Satan is having a field day, he has tricked Adam into injecting himself with deadly chemicals.

Yah tells us to ‘Fear Not’, because if we allow the law of the spirit of life to prevail, the dying to Adam and his law of sin and death is life in Yahushua.

Satan wants mankind to live and die under duress and oppression, that way Adam can be controlled and steered away from the Way, the Truth and the Life.   Satan is the father of lies, and this CV19 pandemic is built on a carpet of lies, there is not one facet of the so called ‘pandemic’ that is based upon Truth.

  • It is not a ‘pandemic’ it is a series of manmade epidemics
  • All the numbers have been manipulated
  • Successful natural treatments and preventatives have been ignored and proscribed
  • The ‘vaccine’ is not a vaccine but a genetic modifier changing DNA
  • The vaccine is highly toxic in itself
  • The toxic ‘genetic modifier’ is being mandated and is more dangerous than CV19 itself
  • The authorities want “a needle in every arm” WHY?

This is not a medical problem, it is a spiritual problem, as in the days of Noah, satan wants to create a race of chimera, even to the fooling of the very elect.

By breaking our DNA integrity satan can more easily infiltrate and control, Noah was chosen because he was pure in his lineage.

But do not despair – CV19 and mRNA are irrelevant, there is no condemnation for those who walk after the Law of the Spirit of Life in Torah (Yahushua made flesh and dwelling amongst us).

Do not despair, nothing has changed, Yahovah still reigns…..

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