Sin and Sinners

Many regard ‘sin’ as being ‘naughty’ and contravening the ‘rules’ of their society, Yah is much more straightforward, sin is falling short of His standards, in effect disobeying the Abrahamic Torah.

When mankind (Adam) uses his ‘knowledge of good and bad’ to replace Yah’s Knowledge of good and Bad, he sets a standard of behaviour which he can flex his own torah (knowledge of good and bad) to justify.   But in the end he will bump up against Yah’s Creation founded upon Yah’s Knowledge. His sin – using his own knowledge of good and bad – will be exposed

If he is ‘unlucky’ (willful), that will be before the Great White Throne where Yah will require him to receive judgement against His Knowledge and Torah with Satan as his accuser.   If he acknowledges the Law of the Spirit of Life, the woman’s legacy, then there will be no condemnation, Yahushua will be there to put down the Satanic accusations.

Man’s acquired knowledge is the opposite of Yah’s, man looks in awe at his own godship and considers it to be superior, and uses it to oppress cajoul and coerce others.   Man likes to create ‘us and them’ situations; he can pick a trait such as skin colour, and use it to put down other groups of different skin colour, this then satisfies his lust for power and dominance by virtue of his own perceived godship.

This is the same in religions where there are ‘elevated’ ones, expressing their own doctrines as more important than Yah’s truths as revealed in the scripture and accepting the worship of their congregations.

He also taxes others via pleading for donations or making up dietary laws by which he levies ‘food taxes’ on all and sundry.

Yah requires that we humble ourselves, and pray, and seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways.

If we are leaders of congregations and not suppressing our own puny knowledge, then we are as clashing cymbals – preaching our own fictions as facts from a position of arrogance and vanity.

Yah requires that each of us builds our own relationship with Himself, we cannot approach Yah through the auspices of Reverend this or Rabbi that, or even of Saint somebody of somewhere.

We get nothing from bible colleges or Yeshivas – we get everything of value direct from the Torah enscribed heart.

I have to commit myself as a servant of Yah, His Torah must be written upon MY heart, I cannot tag along and sneak through on somebody else’s coat tails….

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