Body Soul and Spirit

We are made of two components, the ‘earth’ (dust) and Yah’s breath – the Spirit and the place where these two overlap is called the soul.

Our soul can be dominated by the earth, that is the Adam, or the spirit, the Yah in us, and depending upon which one is dominant, then so we are what Yah sees we are.

When we are born, Adam (the dust) is totally dominant.   As we grow up and mature, so we have the opportunity to seek the Way of Yah, if we decide to seek Yah, and His truth, so the balance of our soul shifts towards the spiritual, it shifts towards the Yah in us.

If however, we choose to believe that in the beginning, Yah did not Create, then it is the dust (death) that is in control.    The dust has no Torah, no ten commandments, it only has the desires of the flesh, if you watch a baby or a toddler, it only knows its own needs, it is totally selfish and unrelenting.   Project that behaviour into adulthood and you have the obsessive behaviour which is now all too familiar to us.

It is not that the dust is corrupt, it is just the ‘selfish gene’ which is the starting point of new birth.   If we are born into a Yah inspired household, so our ‘soulical’ balance slowly shifts towards Yah as we learn and absorb from those with whom we are intimate.

At some stage in our lives we become able to make our own decisions; do we believe that we evolved and are just a super intelligent animal, or do we believe we are the Tov Mehod of Yah’s Creation.

If the former, then we live a selfish life in the Adamic world, if the latter, then we live a life close to the Creator and His Creation, still within the Adamic world, but with a supernatural swirl around us protecting us from the intrusions of the serpent.

The serpent is intimately bound to the dust, the Adam in us has no protection from it.

Take the current Covid 19 crisis, I have a choice, take the vaccine and rely on mankind’s best endeavours, surrounded as it is by misinformation and confusion, or submit to Yah’s spirit and know that Tov Mehod means perfect.

The above are the extreme cases, and most of us fall somewhere in the middle, the case for atheism, evolution and hedonism is very strong, this is called temptation.   The spiritual call is less well defined, using Torah as a guide, we have to follow a pathway which leads to the TRUTH that is Yah’s Creation, but first we have to leave the pigsty, the mud (liquid dust) and the filth (the selfishness).

We stagger onto the pathway, still covered in the mud and slime, but as we walk towards Yah, we are met from afar by his servants.   His secants who help us remove the filth from our bodies and garments so by the time we get to the father’s gates we are cleansed; Yah’s spirit is active in us….


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