Is What Man Thinks is Good the Same as What Yah Thinks?

Is what man thinks is good the same as what Yah thinks is good?

This is a very important question, perhaps, for each of us, the difference between eternal life and eternal death.

To get to ‘heaven’ we must be compatible with the heavenly environment, but if we cannot understand the difference between what mankind defines as ‘good’ and what Yah defines as GOOD then we have a big Big Big problem of compatibility with Yah’s CREATION and thus ‘heaven’.

To get to ‘heaven’ we must be Yah compatible, if we love Yahovah we do things His way not Adam’s way – we keep Torah the Moses way not the Rabbinical way or the Roman way.   We seek first the Kingdom of Yah and His Righteous.

It is our own responsibility to seek, to question and to live according to what Yah tells us, not according to the opinions of religious leaders; when we come before Yah, we will not have Rabbi Menahem or Pastor Bob to hold our hand, so if you elevate Rabbi Menahem or Pastor Bob to dominance in your life you had better make sure they are right because Yah will not accept any ifs or buts….

We have to understand that, at Mount Horeb (Sinai). the Elders of the Children of Israel rejected a personal relationship with Yah, preferring to place Moses as a moderator.   This was highly problematic, it meant that none of those Elders would or could see the promised land.   And they did not.

If we are to ‘see’ our promised land, we must take responsibility for our own relationship with Yah, we must seek to see what He defines as GOOD, and what He defines as EVIL   We are born into Adam’s creation and see things through Adam’s knowledge of good and evil, in a land where murdering babies is acceptable, “my body, my choice” sounds acceptable to Adam, but what does Yah think about it?

Our guide is His Torah and His Tanach, and those passages of the ‘New’ Testament that can be fitted into the Tanachic context.   No the Torah was not “nailed to the cross”, the Greek word ‘dogma’ in this context refers to (man’s) opinions (as opposed to Yah’s).

If you want to get to ‘heaven’ YOU must learn to do things Yah’s Way, not Adam’s, Menachem’s or Bob’s.

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