In tune with Eden

Eden is a place where Yah and man dwelt together before man became a ‘physical’ being having his own knowledge of good and bad.

Adam was thrown out of Eden, but that does not mean he cannot re-enter.   But to re-enter he must be humble enough to confess the deceit (the same as the woman did).

We are born into Adam’s world and are totally immersed in Adam’s physical, and Adam’s SPIRITUAL worlds as defined by Adams knowledge of good and bad.

As we walk the Way back to Yah, we deal with Adam’s physical deficit; the mud and slime from the pigsty falls away as we come to understand the need to conform to Yah’s rules and behaviours, not man’s.

But what about the things of the Spiritual, that part of our relationship with Yah that is intangible to our senses.   Our spiritual too is dominated by Adam’s creation,  our spiritual ‘think’ is dominated by Adam’s knowledge.   In the same way we become physical ‘followers of the Way’ so too must we become spiritual followers of the way, whilst we might be physical ‘sergeants’ we can at the same time be spiritual ‘privates’ because we fail to submit our spiritual side to Yah.

We may not even understand that our spiritual  side even exists, or that it too is badly tainted by the mud and slime from the pigsty and must be cleansed.

Our role is to be containers for the spiritual outflow from Yah, our ‘cups’ must run over, spreading Yah’s elixir to all those in our reach, but that elixir must be uncontaminated by our spiritual malaise, we must be humble in spirit, knowing that we can taint the flow from Eden by adding our own ‘Adam’ to it.

The Creator’s Spirit Created All Things, we can participate in that by being a conduit of Yah’s Spirit, but only if we understand that if it is tainted by our own spiritual knowledge of good and bad, it will cease to be effective.

We should be able to stand in Adam’s creation as a chalice of light, glowing with the Creator’s Spirit within us.   It is not easy…..

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