Understanding Salvation

It took me many years to even begin to understand the old testament Tanach idea of salvation, an idea obscured in translation from the Hebrew and Greek.

Salvation, the state of being saved, is a fundamental idea from the times of the patriarchs, and to even approach it we must understand what happened in the Garden of Eden.

Put simply, Adam lost his salvation, his eternal life with Yah.  Adam’s denial of wrong doing; accusing Yah and the woman of his own sin and culpability thereof (the woman confessed her culpability and thus retained salvation even though still subject to physical death).

Adam was no longer acceptable to reside with Yah, he no longer considered himself a ‘servant’ but considered himself a ‘god’ knowing good and bad from his own opinion and godship and no longer subject to Yah’s Good and Yah’s Bad.   He, Adam, was in rebellion, Yah’s Way was no longer his way, and he was thrown out of Eden; he no longer had ‘salvation’, the right to spend rternal life with Yah.

We are born into Adam’s world; the world outside of Eden and its tree of (eternal) life with Yah, so we need to seek our salvation anew.

Salvation crops up throughout the scriptures, it is a constant theme and is by no means restricted to the new Testament and is by no means dependant on or exclusive to being ‘born again’ in the Christian sense.

Psalm 119 v 41 relates Salvation to keeping Torah – doing what Yah says as opposed to what men say.

‘Salvation’ is Yah’s repair mechanism of Adam’s condemnation of all his descendants, without exceptions, for death came into the world through Adam and his arrogance.

Mankind was made of dust and the breath (spirit) of Yah, but the spirit of Yah ceased to function in Adam because he chose his own godship over service to Yah.   This act disqualifies all of us born of Adam from domicile with Yah, Yah and our own ‘godship’ cannot co-exist in the same space.   However if we choose to do things Yah’s Way, the Way of Torah, instead of Adam’s way, the way of sin and death, then the gates of Eden are once more open to us and we can dwell in the house of Yah forever…..

Yahushua (Jesus) was the Way (Torah) made flesh and dwelling amongst us…

Paul was a ‘follower of the Way’ the Way of Yah rather than the way of Adam.

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