Rooftops and Rowboats

In the last 2 years fear has been used as a weapon against us.

Yah tells us that we should “fear not” because He is in control not the politicians or the technocrats.   But because we tend to live according to Adam’s world and not according to Yah’s Creation, we easily get bogged down in tradition and ritual.

This planet is a spiritual place which ‘thinks’ it is physical, people, including believers, think that “god helps those who help themselves”, I keep hearing the saga of the man stranded on a rooftop waiting for God to rescue him from a flood.    People who tell this story understand very little, either about Yah or about Those called by His ‘name’ (description).

There is a point to everything Yah says and does, and the guy on the roof being ‘super spiritual’ is not a practical picture.   Yah does things which are impossible, the guy on the roof wants Yah to do the mundane and at his behest, but the story itself is a mockery of a real working spiritual relationship with Yah, the man of God would part the waters a’ la Moses and walk to safety with dry feet.

We have to learn not to judge Yah by the standards of Adam’s creation, but to be humble before Yah and be prepared to do things his way, Yah does not need our ‘help’ but is very happy to have us serve.   His ways our not our ways, and we must be prepared to step aside and be the servant and not the master.    Then when we can be trusted to do things His way, then he can call us to sonship, to be his representative with His spiritual authority.

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